Quest is a Fortune 500 company and operates in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil. Quest Diagnostics Bill also has cooperative agreements with various pharmacies and clinics around the world.


QuestDiagnostics Services and Support

A QuestDiagnostics describing the previous month’s services is sent at the beginning of each month unless QuestDiagnostics has supported an alternate billing cycle for the account. We provide the American Medical Association (AMA) Current Procedure Technology (CPT) codes for the tests prepared in this specific manual.

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify and verify the accuracy of the CPT codes that will be used for billing purposes. CPT guidelines are officially published by WADA and are also available through insurers.


If the patient has an additional insurer, such as Medicare or a private facility, Medicaid cannot be billed until those parts are billed. Be sure to include all required billing information on the application form, including the original signature of the treating physician and the Medicaid provider identification number.

This directory lists the CPT codes for specifying an address and can be changed at any time. The CPT codes provided are based on WADA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. The CPT encoding is the reliability of the personal accounting part. The following data can be specified when ordering:

  • Name of patient
  • the delivery date
  • Access number
  • Success test
  • CPT codes
  • Trial price
  • Patient / laboratory identification
  • Referring physician name/number
  • Number of order

Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the Hospital agrees to pay Quest Diagnostics by check, money order, electronic bank transfer, or any other form of payment authorized by Quest Diagnostics.

Within 30 days of the date of each Quest Diagnostics for Laboratory Services, after which the portal must exceed the amounts of the uncontested and unpaid invoices. Quest Diagnostics cannot accept payments by credit card, debit card, or any other means to request payment of service charges or other charges from third parties.