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QuestDiagnostics (NYSE: DGX) enables people to take action to improve health outcomes. Our diagnostic results come from the world’s largest clinical laboratory results database and show new ways to recognize and treat disease, to inspire healthy health and behavior.


Quest Diagnostics Bill has the largest clinical trials network in the United States, with laboratories in most major cities, as well as Mexico, the United Kingdom, and India. The company also operates four esoteric labs, 40 AP labs, and 160 smaller rapid-response labs.

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The Nichols Institute interviewed QuestDiagnostics / Bill patients directly in the United States upon request or as required by law. The patient rate plan goes into effect this fall. These fees are different from those charged by physicians/clients. Panels and/or profiles that do not correspond to different CPT codes will be billed as individual test objects.

If a patient has health insurance, fill out the appropriate diagnostic information from an International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code manual and bite into the maintenance fee from the Nichols Institute in Versi.

QuestDiagnostics participates in one of the traditional insurance plans and managed care organizations (HMO and PPO). Contact your sales representative for an up-to-date list of these plans. If this is the case, we will bill the patient upon receipt of a denial request. The insurance is billed at the same price as the patient.


Patients can receive samples at any of the company’s 2,250 patient centers. Approximately 550,000 patients are treated in a normal working day. Patient’s full name and address when and on the test request forms on the QuestDiagnostics.com website Many patients on the online portal request coverage for plans with which the Nichols Institute cooperates.

In these cases, diagnostic data is required to make a claim and we will not retain a patient’s diagnosis. These are the areas where patients look at data and get help too.