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Quest Diagnostics offers free quotes to patients and healthcare professionals. It is covered by MetroPlus, Affinity, Fidelis Care, Healthfirst, and most other New York health plans. The Quest Diagnostics account can save patients significant amounts of money by reducing or eliminating personal expenses and helping them get the care they need to stay healthy.


Quest Diagnostics Bill is an online portal for patients and healthcare professionals. Patients and healthcare professionals can access QuestDiagnostics and train staff to take action to improve health outcomes.

Programs and Services Offered by QuestDiagnostics

The Nichols Institute participates in many government health plans. As with official Medicare, most Medicaid programs do not allow doctors to ask for help that they do not. In cases where the patient has been enrolled in a Medicaid HMO program, please ensure that Quest Diagnostics is a participating provider in that particular program before submitting samples for testing.

Medicaid operators need diagnostic information to process a claim. This information is communicated to senders using an International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code. Diagnostic information must be provided in ICD format when Medicaid billing is requested.


If the patient has an additional insurer, such as Medicare or a private facility, Medicaid cannot be billed until those parts are billed. Be sure to include all required billing information on the application form, including the original signature of the treating physician and the Medicaid provider identification number.

QuestDiagnostics supports physicians and healthcare organizations with state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. The company is a leading provider of drug testing and pre-employment risk assessments to the life insurance industry. It is the world’s second-largest provider of clinical trials for new drugs. Times like this remind us that we are all connected. From frontline healthcare professionals to home nurses, each of us has a role to play.

Our role at Quest is to provide clarity and results in the face of uncertainty. We take this commitment seriously and work tirelessly to provide the answers and connections that will help us meet this challenge together.